Thursday, December 30, 2010


This December has been amazing! I've uploaded some pictures to go along with this post, but I didn't take the time to get them in the correct order. So, here's what we've been up to.

We visited Safetytown in Frisco, where we got to see Santa and learn about safety. It was our first time to go and I think we'll be going back lots more because Wyatt loved it. Wyatt was so brave with Santa this year. He ran up to him, gave him five, sat on his lap, and got a candycane (one of Wyatt's new favorite treats).

One of the many great things about my job is that I get 2 weeks off to spend hanging out with Wyatt. We treasure this time and we sure have been busy the last 2 weeks. We took several drives to look at Christmas lights as a family. We baked Christmas cookies. And played, and played, and played. We had a few playdates, which we love to do to catch up with all our friends. One day we went to Gattitown, where Wyatt and Kaleton traded gifts and got to play. Wyatt's favorite game was basketball. He might be little, but he thinks he's big when he's in front of the hoop. Another day, we decorated (and tasted, of course) cookies with Cooper, then went to Chuck E. Cheese to play. Wyatt did a great job putting sprinkles on the cookies this year. We even got together with several of our baby bootcamp friends that we don't get to see too often anymore at Will's house. The kids had so much fun running around playing and the mommies had just as much fun catching up.

Christmas was so special this year. We got to tell Wyatt the true meaning of Christmas and he would listen to our stories, even though he doesn't truly understand yet. He didn't quite "get" Santa either, but he sure knew how to open presents! Christmas Eve, we went to Sasa's house with Pap, Lori, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Garrett, and lots of family we don't get to see too often. Aunt Jessie and soon-to-be-uncle Gene got to spend the night with us. Early Christmas morning we went to Pap and Lori's to open gifts with everyone then we all came back to our house to do more gifts and Pap made his world famouse biscuits and gravy breakfast. That night we headed to my mom's to do Christmas over there. We have the best functional-disfunctional (that is what Chris jokingly calls it) family ever and my divorced parents and step-parents are all friends so we get to all be together for holidays. It's perfect for everyone and I feel very lucky to have it this way for Wyatt. Papa, Aunt Lisa/Uncle Jeff, Aunt Dawn, cousins Marnie, Devyn, and Skylor all came over and it was so fun hanging out. Of course, there were more presents. The day after Christmas, Wyatt got to skype with Bunny, Aunt Maddie and Aunt Kenzie in Alabama. We sent our love to Afghanistan where Big Daddy is working hard and hopefully heading home soon. It was a great Christmas.

Wyatt's favorite presents this year were Tickle Me Elmo (it makes me laugh, too), ANOTHER guitar (he loves them all!), everything that had "mouse" (that would be Mickey) on it, and a bounce house.

Uncle Garrett

THE guitar

Look what Santa brought...

A Christmas Eve visit from Santa...

Wyatt and Kaleton


Cookies with Cooper

Cookies with Mommy and Daddy


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