Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago, on January 9th, we got to meet our precious baby boy. I LOVE to celebrate this day! Wyatt makes us smile and laugh everyday. There is absolutely nothing that his little hugs and kisses can't fix or make even greater than it already was. He has the most cheerful smile and sweetest voice. He loves to help Mommy and Daddy, explore new things, be outside, talk, dance, play his guitar, have books read to him, watch "mouse" and Elmo, play football with Mommy and Daddy before bed, jump on the bed, take naps, play with cars and trains, and do anything that involves playing in water. He has a kind heart and is always concerned when his friends are sad. He has learned to say "please" and "thank you" and says "thank you Mommy and Daddy" for anything we do for him. He's easy going and flexible and even says "night night" when it's time for bed with a smile and kiss even when he'd rather stay up and play. He wakes up just as happy. Wyatt Reid, you are the best thing we've ever known and we treasure watching you learn and grow each and every day. You make our hearts melt.

Wyatt got snow for his birthday. Chris was so excited. This is his favorite weather, so he thought it was extra special that Wyatt got snow on his actual birthday. We had a gymnastics party with several of Wyatt's little friends. Wyatt is not much of a fan of gymnastics when we go on Saturdays, but he really loved showing all his friends what you are supposed to do at gymnastics at his party. He ran around, climbed on things, jumped, played with balloons, and got to swing on the rope (always his favorite thing at gymnastics; he's been hanging onto the rope like a pro since he started at 17 months!). After lots of playtime, the kids got their little lunches that I made for them and had cookie cake. The party room was decorated with Mickey Mouse and that made Wyatt very excited! As the party went on the snow just kept falling. It was beautiful. When we left it was completely white outside.

Coach Chris (who wasn't working that day) showed up at Wyatt's party just to see him and say happy birthday. How sweet is that?! I love this picture!

Wyatt got to be the center of attention and the girls gave him a medal. There was too much fun stuff around to sit for too long though. :) Wyatt still wears his medal everytime he sees it.

Chris would race the kids down this trampoline and then the kids would jump into the pit. I'm not sure who had more fun - Chris or the kids.

Still didn't even get everyone in the picture.


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