Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Baby Tanning Bed

Monday was our first day to wake up at home. Wyatt was looking more yellow than he had at the hospital, which we knew to watch for since they thought he was a little jaundice. We called the pediatrician and they said to come on in. First, we had to go to the hospital for a bilirubin test, which is a blood test they do by poking Wyatt's little heal and putting the blood in a tube. He didn't like it and neither did we, but we were all tough. I didn't even cry. Then we went to the pedi to get the results and let them look at Wyatt. The numbers for the bilirubin came back kind of high so they told us we would need to do home phototherapy and that Cook Children's would send someone out with everything we needed. We had no idea what this meant...

About 9 pm the guy got here with the phototherapy machine. I'll get pictures up soon. It looked like a baby tanning bed. He explained everything including, Wyatt would need to lay in the machine 24/7, without anything but a diaper, and he had to wear these little goggles. As soon as he left Chris and I held each other and cried. It was so sad. Wyatt cried all night. We had to watch him in the bed to make sure his eyes stayed covered. My mom was here so that we could get some sleep, but I just couldn't sleep hearing all the cries. After my mom left around 4 am I just sat there so upset and frustrated that we had to do this, but at the same time I wanted Wyatt to be better. Finally, Chris called the 24 hour emergency line to talk to a nurse for suggestions to make Wyatt calmer. She told us to put his blankets in there to make him feel better. It worked a little. The next day we did the same thing until it was time to do the whole hospital then pedi thing again. Wyatt had lost some weight, but the bili numbers had gone down a little, which was good. He had to sleep in the tanning bed for another 24 hours. Thank goodness, that by this time he was getting used to it and it was much better. Chris and I were exhausted from having to sit and watch all night, but we wouldn't have left Wyatt's side if we were told to. The next day Wyatt had gained 2 ounce.. woohoo!!! And the bili numbers had gone down more... yay!!! No more tanning bed. We were so happy! So was Wyatt. Wednesday night was so nice. We all got some sleep and woke up feeling much better on Thursday.

Thursday we got to go see Dr. Joseph for my visit and it went well, too. My blood pressure is on it's way back down. We brought the nurses and the epidural doctor cookies.

That night Wyatt got to go to Grammy and Jerry's house and Pap and Lori's house.

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