Monday, March 24, 2014

Basketball {Wyatt}

Wyatt has been asking to play basketball He is finally old enough (well, sort of) to play. I signed him up to play with the YMCA in McKinney. I didn't want to put him in the 4/5 class because he wanted to play with real basketball goals (not the little tykes plastic ones) and he wanted to play games not just practice (like Uncle Garrett does) so I signed him up for the next group that I thought said it was for kindergartners but all the kids on his team are in 1st grade. These pictures are from his first practice and he did great. He was super excited to get to play and made several baskets. His first game was last weekend and these kids were good! We were so proud of Wyatt for hustling the entire time (only 5 kids were at the game so they all got to play the whole game) and staying focused. He wasn't quite sure how to get the kids to pass him the ball and there was a lot going on at a very fast pace so hopefully once we work with him and after another practice he will have it figured out for the next game.  We are so proud of you, Wyatt!

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