Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Months {Reagan}

I'll say it again, time sure does fly when you're having fun. We've gotten into a pretty good routine over the past month or so and Reagan has been growing so much and learning tons. We stay busy and she goes with the flow really well. She loves to watch the big kids do anything. They can make her laugh instantly. She's been babbling quite a bit and loves to tell us stories.

One of the biggest changes lately is finally getting on Prevacid for acid reflux. I suspected she was having some issues early on and we tried probiotics, which helped, but then she got a cough that wouldn't go away (I didn't realize that was a symptom of reflux at first) and started having pretty miserable afternoons of screaming fits. As soon as we got medicine we noticed HUGE changes the very next day. It was amazing. I felt really bad that she had been hurting but grateful for medicine that helped so quickly.

She started food right at 5 months and did great. We started her off with bananas. I tried some rice cereal before 5 months (I know you aren't supposed to) trying to help whatever was wrong (the reflux) and it was a DISASTER. She screamed worse the rest of that day. Needless, to say I'm too scared to try rice cereal again even if it was just because she was too young. She's loving her fruits and veggies so I think we will stick with that.

We also got her ears pierced at 5 months. Chris is still not a fan of this, but it was easier since Kenley's are done so I'm sure he assumed I'd be doing Reagan's.

She loves her binky and chewing on anything - her blankets, her toys, her fingers, and anything else that she can get to her mouth. As soon as we started the Prevacid she moved to her crib since she would finally lay flat without screaming. And just like Kenley did, she sleeps in a sleep sack blanket and loves it. She knows it's bedtime/naptime when we put that on. She loves to cuddle and be rocked before bed.

Her big brother and sister love her so so so much! If the big kids wake up before Reagan, they always ask about her and can't wait until I say we can go upstairs and get her. They always beat me up there and get in the crib. I call them the Wake-Up Welcoming Crew. And I'm pretty sure Reagan loves this as much as they do. It's super sweet.

Things are busy here and every month I take these pictures a little late. I meant to put a bow on Reagan and got so worried about getting a picture that I totally forgot. But who needs a bow when you've got a smile that'll light up a room like this one, right?!

Oh and that little square pink thing is totally worth mentioning. It was a gift, but some genius out there made a square piece of fabric and put crinkle material in it so it's the perfect size for a baby to hold and it crinkles. Genius! She loves it!

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