Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The BEST days of my life...

We have been busy having FUN! The weather is cooling down (thank goodness), and it's been beautiful outside. But more important than the weather or anything else has been spending time watching my sweet babies growing up, playing, and learning. I LOVE it! I really could sit back and watch them non-stop. Wyatt and Kenley have been the best of friends - they love to play together and they look out for each other. One of the sweetest sounds is hearing Wyatt call Kenley or her call him. And they do it non-stop. I can hear in my head how they both say each others name. And I know how they say it when they want the other to come play, when they are looking for the other, and especially when they are mad. I usually can tell exactly what's going on just by listening to them call one another. They are loving having a baby sister and anywhere and everywhere we go they are showing Reagan off. They assume the entire world is as excited as they are, and I love that.

So what have we been up to lately.... We run errands quite a bit and with a newborn, an almost 2 year old, and an almost 5 year old a trip to Target could take a really long time, but Target is one of my happy places (and the kids, too) so we don't mind. Wyatt goes to school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and after school he and Kenley LOVE to play on the playground in front of the church. It's a big, tall playground and Kenley has no fear! Wyatt is usually off running around with his school friends, which is also so neat to watch. He gets so excited to see his friends and he just seems so big now. Reagan usually gets parked in the stroller in the shade somewhere for an afternoon nap and I get to hang out with some of the other moms (when I'm not "spotting" Kenley as she climbs up the too-tall-and-dangerous-for-her ladder). One day during the week I babysit a little friend and so Kenley has her own playdate while Wyatt is at school. And we started back at Stroller Strides recently. I sure did miss my workout and my mommy friends. Wyatt loves to go so if we go on days he's with me I just give one of the kids to a friend to push in their stroller - I know, I have good friends! Thank you Helen and Leslie! Here are some pictures I've snapped when I remember (or have time) to grab my phone.

Kenley is a busy busy busy little girl. Here's one of my creations to try and keep her still and occupied for a bit so I could probably unload the dishwasher or clean up another mess that was made. She was so proud of herself for figuring out how to get the pipe cleaner into the little holes I had cut into a box. 

Not only is this picture not rotated correctly, it also looks distorted but Reagan still looks cute in it so it gets to stay. Here's Reagan on a day we walked to the little park in our neighborhood. She loves the sunshine as much as her brother and sister always have.

Reagan still does quite a bit of snoozing. She fell asleep during tummy time. I guess it's hard work.

Kenley gluing the leaves we gathered on our walk to the park to her paper. What's more fun than glue when you are almost 2!? 

Grampy got Wyatt this bike before he could even pedal it, but now he's a pro. We brought it home from Grammy and Grampy's house and so it was in the car and he asked to ride it in the parking lot after stroller strides. He was so excited he kept showing another mom what he could do. 

And he rode some more when we got home. 

Kenley rode her scooter.

They kept meeting up and laughing. It was cute. I didn't get ANY pictures of Reagan, but she was there! She was snoozing again. :)


I really do try to soak up all these minutes because I know how fast they fly by! I'm certain the these are the best moments of my life!!!

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