Thursday, October 17, 2013

2 years {Kenley}

Dear Kenley,
I cannot believe it's been 2 years since we were blessed to meet our precious baby girl. You have the kindest heart, sweetest laugh, an endless amount of determination, and spread joy everywhere you go. You admire your big brother more than anyone and if he's doing something, you are never far behind. You love princesses, but can zoom a car across the floor right alongside Wyatt. There's no one you'd rather share a cookie, a toy, or anything you find with than Papa. Your independence is so fun to watch. You are a smart girl and love to play and learn. You are shy around others and don't say too much at first. You love to have your nails polished and show them off after. You would rather have your hair done your way and spend countless car rides pulling out the nice ponytails and bows Mommy made you sit for before we left home. You have your Daddy wrapped around your finger and when you are sad, he is sad. You love to be outside, in any kind of water, and a day that ends with you being messy was a fun day. I know God has a wonderful plan for you and I will continue to soak up each day watching you grow and learn, play and explore, love and be loved.

I love you sweet girl.

Getting ready to celebrate at the mall carousel

As we walked into the mall you insisted on carrying a basket that was nearly as big as you. You lugged it beside you and wouldn't let anyone help you. As soon as you saw the carousel, you dropped the basket and took off running. You were so excited to get to ride the carousel.

Being silly with Wyatt, as always

Aunt Lisa made the cupcakes and icing for your party. We had candy and goodies for everyone to decorate their own. 

You loved it all...

And the day after your actual birthday you went to get a checkup. They said you are a healthy girl. Daddy took you and the nurse told Daddy how much calmer you were when he was with you rather than Mommy. hmmm....
You posed for Daddy to take a picture.

And here are your 2 year stats. You are:
30 lbs 9.6 oz
35 in

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