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Pap & Stacy's Wedding {June 8, 2013}

Pap and Stacy's wedding weekend was this past weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had more pictures, but it was hard with 2 kids. Most of my time was spent praying that they would be on their very best behavior and that Wyatt would do his very special job well. Wyatt was the ring bearer and sometimes he gets shy and so I wasn't sure what to expect. Add to that the fact that his nervous/shy behavior is usually to act like a complete goofball and get people to laugh (all but Mommy and Daddy). Eeek! But I have to say that I was very very proud of my big boy. Both kids did great and there was quite a bit of sitting still and/or being quiet (which we don't do much of).

Friday night was the rehearsal. Obstacle #1, Wyatt only likes to wear athletic type pants and t-shirts. He's not a fan of dressing up (gets that from his Daddy, even though Daddy does when he has to and looks handsome every time). When I got his clothes for the weekend I spent time explaining that he was going to have to wear what I had for him, I showed him, etc. We made a big deal of it all. Complete with some bribery of listening all weekend and earning a Chuggington movie for the car. Success. Both kids were cute as can be and had smiles, as well.

Daddy tried to sneak one more pose out of Kenley, but she was way more interested in whatever Wyatt was doing.

Wyatt did great at the rehearsal. A little bit of acting silly before actual practice time (again, his nervous reaction), but was super focused when it was time. Uncle Garrett walked and stood with Wyatt to help him out and make him feel comfortable. That was so helpful. Pap is in the green shirt.

The pictures are out of order, but here they are walking out the door they come out of. The room was set up for a different party, but it worked for rehearsal.

Walking out after nailing rehearsal. Look how carefully he carried the pillow. So sweet.

Sister was busy playing with Daddy during the rehearsal, but she sure was looking cute while playing.

Saturday was the big day. Again, we made a BIG deal of the suit Wyatt got to wear all week. He put it on one night at my mom's to get fitted and we played Sharp-dressed man for him to dance to and tried to make him feel really special. And he did. He decided that he loved the suit because it was what Eugene (Rapunzel's beau) wore to his wedding. This was huge, as the day we went shopping for everyone's clothes was a mere disaster of a day - cranky kids, cranky mommy, cranky Grammy, and all of us needing outfits. And the biggest meltdown issue of the day was Wyatt wanting to buy a dress because we were all wearing dresses. Ugh! He must have asked 5,914 times to get one. So for him to finally have a reason to love his outfit was amazing. And as a side note the suit is now in the dress-up bin so he can be Eugene whenever he wants. He wouldn't wear the bow tie, but choosing battles wisely we did not care! So check out this handsome prince and beautiful princess...

How are they growing up this fast?!?!

It took a long time in 4-year old time to get to the walking down the aisle part and everyone was super busy so Wyatt and I found a chair in the hallway for him to sit in, my to pep talk, and us to play games while waiting. He kept pretending that he had a pet chameleon (another Tangled character) and he would catch it and carefully put it in the ring box, then it would escape and I'd have to tell him where it was and he'd go and catch it again. This kid is nothing if not creative and if you walked by you would have really thought he was catching something. Here he is ready to get the show on the road and not wanting to pose anymore...

I missed all the pictures of him walking down the aisle AND getting to see it, because I waited in the back with Wyatt and everything sped up super fast and then it was too late to sneak back in. I ended up getting to my seat after the wedding party and Stacy got down the aisle. But I do know that Wyatt did a fantastic job and we were so proud of him.

Some of these pictures are out of order. I'm pretty sure Kenley ate for 2 hours straight at the reception. She loved the cheese and fruit tray and the mashed potato cups, which she decided she needed her own. There would be no sharing going on with those.

Wyatt didn't really eat. He talked to everyone and kept wanting to go sit with Stacy's daughters. And he asked every 20 minutes when it was time for cake.

I can't wait to see more of the photographer's pictures, but Stacy sent me this that night and I love it. She's so sweet and we are very excited for her and Pap.

Kenley was too busy to pose for any pictures, especially when there was cake in front of her. I had some pictures of her and Aunt Sarah, but they were so blurry from Kenley bouncing around or running away. I know the photographer will have some good ones though. Sarah looked beautiful in her dress and curly hair.

Here's Wyatt and his cake, finally. And I finally got a picture of me in. Taking pictures with 2 kids is one of the hardest things for me. Who has time for that?! I keep saying I'm going to work on it.

After cake, acting silly. The kids watched Chuggington, the well deserved prize, on the way home and everyone was exhausted. It was a great weekend of celebration and fun with family and friends.

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