Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sealife Aquarium

Chris's mom and sisters drove in from North Carolina for a few weeks and we've been having lots of fun. Friday we all (minus Chris and Gene since they were working) went to the Sealife Aquarium in Grapevine. We had fun. Wyatt and Kenley liked looking at all the fish and Wyatt has been talking about it ever since. The pictures aren't that good because it was pretty dark in there, but here's what I've got.

Waiting in line to get in.
Aunt Kenzie, Aunt Maddie (both are 12), Kenley, Wyatt, and Cousin Tripp

When we were inside we ran into family friend, Lenora, and her granddaughter, Caroline. 

I love this picture. And just so everyone knows. Wyatt has cute plaid shorts (several) and lots of nicer collared shirts but he refuses to wear them. He insists on wearing athletic shorts. He also likes to dress himself at times so if his shorts are backwards, or he has slippers on, or doesn't match just know that we are smiling that he wants to be independent. He will understand AWKWARD one day. :)

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