Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Counting our blessings...

When Chris and I heard that I was being put on bed rest I can admit that we were both very nervous about how that would ever work with a 2 year old. Then when the doctor told us a few days later how serious he was about the bed rest and his tune of "do your best" turned into "lie down and don't sit up" we got even more nervous.

Well, last night we were talking about how truly blessed we are to have the amazing family and friends that we do. In the past week we have been humbled by the amount of love and support we have received from everyone. The text messages, facebook/blog messages, phone calls, visits, dinners, lunches, help watching Wyatt to let him get out and have some fun, errand running, and even visits to work on our "to-do" list have meant more than we can say.

Chris would never want me to write this, but he also deserves a lot of credit. I'm a lucky girl! He has been working full time, going to school during lunch, evenings, and even Saturday mornings, and studying so hard to make straight "A"s all while taking care of me and Wyatt, too. I am so proud of how hard he's been working and how well he has balanced all of this. And just so I can put this into terms that might help emphasize his determination and dedication to family, work, and school - he has not gone dove hunting at all this season!

Wyatt and Kenley, there are so many people that love you both and would do anything for you. I wanted to post this so that you both could look back one day and know that everyone came together to help and how loved you are and how blessed our family is to have all these people in our lives.

Wyatt, you probably won't remember any of this because of how smooth it has been. All you know is that you've gotten to watch lots of Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny with Mommy and had lots of fun playing with everyone you've gotten to hang out with.

Miss Kenley, we are all so excited to meet you. We hope that you will continue growing a bit longer, but we are ready to meet you. We saw you on our last sonogram today and you were beautiful. Can't wait to hug and kiss you. Big Brother talks to you every time he sees my belly. He sings to you, rocks you, and tells everyone "baby sister is in there growing" and even tells them your name.

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