Friday, September 23, 2011

Bed Rest... Again

I forgot to upload my pictures first and it never lets me move them after I've typed so you might want to scroll down and read first. I'm sure there's an easier way to put pictures on here and if you know feel free to message me because it's always a battle. :)

My super sweet guy in bed with Mommy doing a Mickey Mouse marathon because Mommy didn't feel good.

Bed rest at Grammy's. We went over there after the doctor's appointment and I got to be with Wyatt while she took care of both of us. I'm under the blanket and Wyatt is playing with the ipad.

This weekend will be 36 weeks and everything had been going great. I had high blood pressure with Wyatt and so I was concerned about that this entire pregnancy but it kept coming out great. The past 2 weeks I have been waking up with migraines and they weren't going away quickly so I knew something was up (after my initial reaction of thinking it was just the weather changing). I went to see Dr. Joseph on Tuesday and sure enough my blood pressure had jumped quite a bit. They had me lay down for 5 minutes and re-checked and it was good again. So... he said bed rest and come back on Thursday to re-evaluate. Bed rest for those 2 days was not hard because the migraines got worse and I wasn't able to do anything anyways. Chris, my mom, and in-laws all took over and have been helping tremendously. When I went back today I was hoping that everything would be back to normal, but it was the same thing. And so back to bed rest I go for the rest of this pregnancy. I also got some medicine to help in case the migraines keep coming. I pray they don't. I want so badly to not be induced (like I was with Wyatt) or have a c-section (I know everyone says they are great, but I'm so scared of having one) so I'm doing everything I can to keep Miss Kenley on track to come when she's ready. We will see. I was super sad that my last few weeks with just me and Wyatt will be much different than I was planning, but also know he has no idea. I am very excited knowing that we will be a family of four in less than a month. Wyatt is ready... he asks every day for Kenley to come out. He tells everyone he sees about her and tells them she is growing. He's going to be a great big brother!


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Mix and Match Mama said...

We're going to miss you at Stroller Strides!!! Take care of yourself and baby girl!