Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweetest things...

One of my favorite things to do with Wyatt is read books before bed. Tonight it was the sweetest laying in his little big boy bed with him and cuddling while we read two of his favorite books.

This is what Wyatt sleeps with. He doesn't really have anything he can't sleep without but this is what he gets every night before going to bed. He loves to push the moon's face and make it light up. We listen to him on the monitor pushing it after we've tucked him in.

Wyatt got this book for his birthday and it is the cutest book ever. It has TONS of flaps that he loves to open and look at. There's pages for counting, colors, mommy/baby matching, and tons more. It's perfect. He likes to find the monkeys.
We were laying on our tummies reading and looking at pictures together, but I just had to get a picture so I could remember these memories forever and share them with Wyatt one day.

Wyatt loves his bed. Every night when we tell him it's night night time and we are going to go read the moon book, he gives us hugs and kisses and goes to the stairs. He gets in his bed like such a big boy, lays down, and waits to be tucked in. So sweet!


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