Sunday, September 12, 2010

Geoffrey's was home...

When my sister and I were little every time we drove past a Toys R' Us we would all talk about whether or not Geoffrey was home. My mom always made silly things like that stick. So, when I heard on the radio that Frisco's Toys R' Us was having their re-opening celebration this weekend, I called the store and asked if Geoffrey would be there. He was! After nap today, I took Wyatt to Toys R' Us. I kept asking him the whole way there if he thought Geoffrey would be home. When we got there we first saw the Yo Gabba Gabba Robot. Wyatt was not digging it. He couldn't stop looking, but he definitely liked to keep his distance. So, we walked around the store to warm up, which of course lead us to the balls. Wyatt HAD to get the basketball and carry it around. On our way back out to try again with the characters, we saw him.... Geoffrey was home! Wyatt got to play bball with Geoffrey. And I was able to get my picture. Who needs to hug the characters when you can play ball with them. :)

Oops, it sideways. This was Martha??? I don't know of Martha yet.

Finally, he pet Martha. We are okay with doggies so why not be okay with the big, huge yellow one.

And my mom always lets Wyatt ride the fire engine with Bert and Ernie. Now that Wyatt is able to flip his rocking horse, this ride isn't quite exciting enough for him.


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