Monday, August 2, 2010

Bunny, Aunt Maddie, and Aunt Kenzie's Visit

Our internet has been down so it's taken me forever to update. We've been having tons of fun though. Bunny (Chris' mom), Aunt Maddie and Aunt Kenzie (Chris' sisters) came to visit for a week. It was so much fun and we wish they lived closer. We hope that next time Big Daddy (Chris' step-dad) can come to. He's an Army pilot and deployed in the Middle East right now. Wyatt got to talk to him on the phone and webcam. We are proud of you Big Daddy! The week went by so fast and it was like having a bunch of Mommys in one house, which was awesome. Here are some pictures we snapped throughout the week.

This is what Maddie looked like the ENTIRE time she was here. Wyatt did not get out of her sight!

I can't wait until Wyatt understands more because Kenzie LOVES animals and so does Wyatt. I know she will teach him all about them. She can tell you a lot about them!
Even Bear got to come visit. He's such a good dog. He did not like the heat though. He's been around lots of babies in his life so he is a pro at just chillin'.
Wyatt and Bunny. Wyatt loves his Bunny (and light switches).

It was soooo hot that we only went to the pool 2 days. I got this huge tub of water balloons and we spent a lot of time playing with water balloons. We had Operation: Fill water balloons going on. Maddie was the stretcher and tie-er (however you would spell that) and Kenzie was the filler. Wyatt was the tester.

Oops, it's sideways.

While we (yup, me too) played outside, Chris and Sue worked hard on fixing out countertop. The huge slab of granite wasn't installed right by the last owners and. It is now braced, the seam is even, and it looks awesome. Do not look at all the junk on the counters. We had to empty out the cabinet first. Sue and Chris made a good team! And I'm glad I got to play outside with the kids! :)

We took Wyatt to get a haircut. This was his 4th haircut. Here's his haircut history:
#1. At a cute kid's place. He wanted to stand in the car instead of sit still. It cost $30!
#2. At a cheapo adult place. He sat on my lap. Played with a comb and it looked great.
#3. I tried to do it myself. Looks easy.... it's not. My mom fixed it. It was free though!
#4. About 10 seconds after this picture, Wyatt went nuts. Screaming, crying... the whole bit. It was worse that any shot he's ever gotten. I think there's too much distraction. Who wants to sit and get a haircut when there are toys and stuff?!
So, next time it'll be back to the cheapo place that's boring.
After the haircut, we went shopping in Watters Creek. That evening we went to The Purple Cow for ice cream and to watch the water show. Cooper and Chancy joined us. We wanted it to be dark so we went to the 9:00 show and the little kids wore jammies.

Yay! Wyatt loved it!

One night we went to dinner with my family. It was nice to have everyone together since we don't get to do that often. The week flew by, but we made lots of memories. As always, we are looking foward to the next visit (with Big Daddy, too). I think it's our turn to travel. Thank you Bunny, Aunt Maddie, Aunt Kenzie, and Bear for traveling 12 hours to come see us. We love you!


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