Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wyatt's BFF

Wyatt and Aidan go to the same daycare. When they were babies they were in different rooms, but in the morning they were together until there was enough kids to make 2 classes. They liked playing together so much that the teachers would let one of them go to the other room so they could play. When they moved up to the toddler room they were in the same class. Every day the teachers would tell me how much they love to play together. Every morning, Aidan waits for Wyatt to get there and laughs so hard when he sees his buddy. It is absolutely adorable. Aidan's mom is a teacher, too, so it works out perfect for playing in the summer. Today we went to their neighborhood pool and they had a blast. Aidan can even say Wyatt's name! Here they are sharing the snack Aidan brought for Wyatt. Too cute!


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