Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day 2.27.15

When we woke up this morning we knew there was a chance of snow, but we didn't get too excited since our hopes of snow have been crushed a few times this past month or so. But as we left the house to go to Stroller Strides teeny tiny snowflakes began falling. And when snowflakes start falling we get very excited in Texas. Since it was so cold we went to our indoor workout location which conveniently is a jumping place. As the snow kept falling, we decided to take our chances at getting snowed in at the jumping place along with lots of other parents who were needing some kiddos to burn some energy. Bunny texted me this morning when she heard we were getting snow and asked for snow pictures. These are what I sent her...

Kenley is on the white shirt climbing to the top of the hill so she can slide down.

And when we left I tried to send a real snow day picture with our friends, but it didn't turn out so great. 

Chris picked Wyatt up a little early because our after school appointment got bumped up before the roads got bad. All he could talk about was how he got to go to recess in the snow. It made his day! I was so glad that the sweet teachers let them go play in the snow and then tonight I got these pictures from his teacher!

We went to our appointment then came home for late naps for the girls. Wyatt doesn't have to take naps on school days so he got to watch Wreck It Ralph. I laid on my warm cozy bed on my heating pad and lazily checked emails and Facebook. And Chris finished a bit of work emails in bed, too. It was the perfect snowy afternoon.
After naptime, we drug out all the layering clothes to bundle up our little snow babies and headed over to the hill by our house for some sledding. We ALL had a blast.
After that we came home for soup, snow ice cream, hot chocolate, and the ending of Brave on the Disney channel. I can't think of a better way to spend a snowy Friday.
I just realized that these pictures are blurry, but since I add pictures from an app on my phone it's not a quick and easy fix so I'm leaving them blurry. Since I've been on a 6 month blogging hiatus, I'm going to consider it "good enough" that there's anything on here! And one more side note, Wyatt doesn't wear glasses, but Grammy does, so naturally she had to find a non-prescription pair on ebay for him because he wanted some, too.

Here's hoping for more snow fun tomorrow...

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