Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 years {Wyatt}

On January 9th, my first baby turned 5!!! How in the world do I have a 5 year old already?! The day Wyatt was born our lives changed forever. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a Mommy more than anything else. All my prayers, wishes, and dreams as far back as I can remember asked that one day I'd be a Mommy. And this little guy started it all. He has brought more laughs, smiles, and special memories to us than I can count. He's a bundle of sweetness with his caring heart and a ball of fire with his adventurous, fearless personality. There have been many times that Chris and I just look at each other and can't believe that God has blessed us with so much.

I did a birthday interview with Wyatt this. Here is what he told me:

person? Aidan
color? blue, green, red
TV show? Ninja Turtles (I don't let him watch this so of course he told me how he wishes I'd let him watch it because it is his favorite)
movie? Polar Express
outfit? builder dress up (there's a vest and tools in the dress up bin that he loves)
sport? football
song? Planes song (the song that the movie Planes starts with)
friend? Aidan
book? Toy Story
vacation? the beach
memory? beach with Aidan
thing to do with friends? play catch
thing to do with Mommy? play games
thing to do with Daddy? build towers
thing to do with Kenley? ride bikes and ride the police car
thing to do with Reagan? kiss her and be so cute with her
toy? Dusty
food? nuggets and fries
animal? lions, tigers, cheetahs, and deers
fruit? apples and grapes
veggies? carrots
candy? gummies and gummy bears

What do you want to be when you grow up? a race car driver, marry Harper and be Eric (Eric is the prince on The Little Mermaid)
What are you good at? school
What do you wish? for Jesus in our heart
Who is your biggest hero? Aidan, me (himself), Tate (then I explained what a hero is and he said Ninja Turtles)

All about Wyatt:
He has LOTS of energy. Loves to create and come up with new ideas. He loves learning and loves school. His heart belongs to his sisters. He is the best big brother ever. He loves to play, loves his friends, loves to be outside. He loves any form of water. His TV time has to be limited (and what he can watch) because he is so animated that he acts out characters and this can get him into trouble. He needs his sleep. He wants to help and likes to have jobs to do (if it's a job he likes and wants to do at the time). He loves structure and loves to know "what's next." He asks me every night what we are doing the next day? He loves praise and gets a huge smile when he knows you are proud and he is proud, but he tries to hide his smile and it's very cute. He also smiles when he's nervous or in trouble (just like his Mommy). If there's a flower, he always picks it to give to Mommy. If Daddy is on the floor, he wants to roll around and wrestle. If Reagan is close by he wants to kiss her even though he's not supposed to (he can hardly stop himself). He takes care of, teaches, and plays with Kenley all the time. His favorite place to go is Grammy's.

These are a few of the things that make Wyatt, Wyatt. He keeps us on our toes and keeps our hearts full.

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