Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bowling Party...

This past weekend our close friend, Marshall, turned the big 3-0. Morgan and Ashley lived across the street from us growing up (our parents still live across the street from each other) and Marshall is Morgan's husband. Marshall had never been bowling (what?!) so their family threw him a huge bowling party. It was such a fun party. My whole family went, too. They had a party room set up and it was perfect for Wyatt and Kaleton (Morgan and Marshall's son who is a little younger than Wyatt) to play and have fun together. After lunch we all went bowling, including the kids. It was Wyatt and Kaleton's first time to bowl and they loved it. I did horrible with pictures, but Chris took some videos and here's a great one of Wyatt. I think by this point Kaleton was taking a little snooze on his Grammy. He woke up in time to go play games though. :)

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