Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Last weekend, Lori took me shopping so that I would stop stressing about not having things to wear. I feel like this is an awkward stage in pregnancy... most of my clothes still fit, but they are starting to be uncomfortable. I don't think I look pregnant, but I definitely feel like I'm getting bigger. We found some cute things that have lots of room to grow in! Thank goodness that the "flowy and long" shirts are in style right now.

Last night, my mom took me shopping, too. I got a few more things that should last til baby gets here. I really love Target's maternity section! They have lots of cute stuff!

Thanks Lori and Mom for the new stuff!!!

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Chancy Smith said...

Remember shopping wise, I heard Ross has good stuff. I also found JCPenney, but too late for me to get too much. They have a JCPenney outlet at Grapevine Mills. I think it might be worth the trip. Here is another month or so, you can get a size that will fit you till almost the end. I remember I got larges, but in my last month, I had to go up a size! Wow!